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Grass Variety

Available Now. TifBlair Certified Centipede, is the product of over twenty-five years of research and genetic engineering by the internationally recognized turfgrass breeding program at Tifton, Georgia. Led by world-renowned USDA/ARS geneticist Dr. Wayne Hanna, TifBlair was developed to provide the landscape industry a superior cold tolerant centipede with a patented pedigree that could extend the use of centipede grass farther north. TifBlair is more shade tolerant than the Bermuda varieties, more slow growing and can be mowed infrequently without scalping. It needs less fertilization and performs well in acidic soils. In university studies, TifBlair exhibited allelopathic characteristics - which means that it can choke out competing grass and weeds acting as its own herbicide. TifBlair is grown year-round at NG Turf and can be installed as dormant sod during the winter months.

Installation Techniques
Sod is the best way for instant beauty and a lush yard. Water the sod as you lay it. Do not wait until you are finished to water it. It will take about two to three weeks for complete establishment.

Maintenance Instructions
After the establishment period is over, keep a regular schedule of watering and mowing, and we think that you will be extremely pleased with the quality of your turf. Recommended mowing height is 1 - 2 inches. Ideal pH for centipede is 5.0 - 6.0. Follow recommendations on the soil test report. If the soil was not tested, use any turf fertilizer and follow label rates. Do not apply nitrogen containing fertilizers until the soil temperature at 4-inch depth is 65 degrees Fahrenheit and rising. Soil tests can be conducted through your county extension agent. Don't know your county agent? Find them here! Don't know your county extension agent? Find them here!

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"We are thrilled with our experience to date. We have been failed by various farms, but you folks have top notch sod and service!"

Athena Construction Group
Douglasville, GA

"Overall, I have been very pleased with TifBlair Centipede. I like the way it grows and it requires a low maintenance schedule. My most recent customer said he likes it better than zoysiagrass ."

Larry Taylor, Owner
Accent Nursery & Landscaping

"TifBlair Centipede is a terrific turf. My clients rave over its low maintenance and durability."

Tommy Smith, Owner
Creative Concepts

"We laid TifBlair a few months ago and even with as dry as the weather has been, the turf has performed remarkably well. Once established, TifBlair is very low maintenance."

Jeff Cline, Owner
C & J Services

"We have installed TifBlair over the past 5-6 years and haven't had any problems or complaints. It is very drought tolerant and we have received numerous compliments from our customers."

Jim Yarborough
Morning Son Nursery

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