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12 Tips To Save Water on Landscaping

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July is Smart Irrigation Month in Georgia!
We have a dozen tips to help you save water! 

It’s the hottest month of the year, during peak growth time.
Here are our top landscaping tips on how to save water and money in your landscape


Install low-flow irrigation heads and a smart irrigation controller. Hire a pro to make sure it operates smoothly and efficiently.


Water early in the morning before 10:00 AM to reduce evaporation.


Water deeply, but infrequently.


Water in split applications so you avoid runoff.

lawn of green TifTuf Bermuda sod
lawn of TifTuf Bermuda sod


During dry periods, raise your mower height.


Never irrigate when it is raining. Save the money for another project.


Don’t irrigate your lawn and plants when it is windy.


Always avoid watering sidewalks and driveways.


Landscape with native plants when you have the opportunity.


Right plant, right place! Choose plants that fit your environment such as planting shade-loving plants in shade or plants that tolerate standing water in low-lying locations.


Replacing sod? Choose a drought tolerant variety. TifTuf Bermuda is proven to have a 38% water savings over TifwayBermuda and 50% savings over Tall Fescue.


Stop irrigating your lawn if you have TifTuf Bermuda. Smart irrigation doesn’t get any easier than that and your TifTuf lawn will perform beautifully!

TifTuf Bermuda sod in side lawn of large house
Tiftuf certified bermuda sod logo

Celebrate your smart watering by using #smartirrigation on social media posts.

Switch to TifTuf Bermuda and save water and money! 
Calculate your water savings at


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