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5 Things to Consider When Selecting Sod

There is no better place to start enjoying to great outdoors than your own backyard. But is your yard working for you and your unique needs? If not, then maybe it is time to consider a lawn renovation.

Ask yourself the following questions when deciding what grass variety will work best for your space and needs.

1. What don't you like about your current lawn?

Inspect your lawn and be mindful of any issues that need addressing.

  • Are there any dead or damaged areas?
  • Large dirt spots where no grass is growing?
  • Mostly weeds?
  • Do you notice insect or disease problems?

2. What’s causing any current problems?

Understanding the causes behind your current lawn troubles is imperative when trying to select an alternative solution to your current grass variety.

  • Did your lawn decline because the lawn isn’t getting enough water?
  • Do you have too much shade?
  • Do you have dogs that like to run the fence line and the grass just doesn’t repair quickly enough?
  • Did you run into an insect or fungus problem?

All of these problems, alone or in combination with each other, could have been the cause of your lawn’s  decline.

3. How much sun does your yard receive?

Take a walk around your property and look to see if there are any shady areas or areas that never get direct sunlight. Does this vary across the full expanse of your yard? The degree of sunlight exposure impacts different sod varieties in different ways.

woman inspecting lawn in spring

4. Does your space have access to water?

Some grass varieties need more water than others to look their best. Consider whether your lawn needs a sprinkler system, and if your area often mandates water restrictions.

5. Does your grass need to stand up to a lot foot traffic?

For some lawn owners, just having a lush green lawn that imparts a feeling of well-being and peace is most important. Others want to provide a play space for children that is safe and inviting. Still others are looking for a lawn where pets can run and play.

Knowing your answers to these important questions will help you choose the best grass type for your landscape.

If you are ready to upgrade your lawn, give the Certified Turfgrass Professionals at NG Turf a call, (770) 832-8608. They can walk you through these important factors and help select a grass variety that will work for your specific needs.


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