modern house with sod landscaping

5 Unique Ways to Use Sod in Your Landscape

Installing healthy, green, farm-fresh sod is the fastest way to take your yard from ho-hum to WOW! But if you have a very sloped yard, prefer not to install an irrigation system, or just simply dread the idea of mowing a big lawn, you may believe that sod is not for you.

modern house with sod landscaping

Create a luscious green border

Use strips of sod around planting beds or hardscape features to create verdant lines that flow through your landscape. You’ll get a sleeker, more modern look than using traditional ornamental grasses or border plantings. A quick weekly once-over with a weed whacker and an edger will keep your sod border neat and trim.

pool with sod landscaping

Build pathways to protect your tootsies

Few things hurt more than burning your feet on hot pool decks or pavers when walking around outside in the summer. A simple fix is to use sod to create cool walkways between your patio door, the pool area, and any other entertainment zones. Mowing these walkways is a breeze, especially if the surrounding hardscapes are set just a bit lower then the grass.

stone pathway surrounded by sod landscaping

Soften and beautify stone paths

Instead of using gravel or sand between your large walkway pavers, set the stones a little further apart and install strips of sod. The contrast of the stone against the lively green sod can be particularly breathtaking when you create artistic patterns or set your stones on a diagonal. For easy mowing, be sure the stones are set at least ½ inch lower than the sod.

backyard living space with sod landscaping

Define your outdoor rooms with a sod carpet

It’s a common interior design practice to define a space with an area rug. Why should your outdoor living spaces be any different? To limit irrigation and mowing needs, install sod “carpets” between larger areas of hardscapes to define your outdoor dining and entertainment areas.

No matter what clever ways you dream up to incorporate splashes of beautiful green sod into your landscape, be sure you choose only the freshest, certified turfgrass. Farm-fresh sod from NG Turf is cut to order and available in quantities large and small. We offer the best turfgrass varieties selected specifically for their excellent characteristic and growth habits in our Georgia climate.

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