Carroll County Chamber of Commerce Ag Tour 2023

NG Turf Joins Carroll County Chamber of Commerce’s 1st Annual Ag Tour  

The team at NG Turf had an incredible time participating in the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce‘s 1st Annual Ag Tour on June 7, 2023. This unique event was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our vibrant local agricultural community and the critical role it plays in supporting our economy. 

This eye-opening tour brought Chamber members right to our doorstep and allowed them to see how we cultivate, harvest, and deliver farm fresh sod that is beloved by landscapers and homeowners alike. 

A Glimpse Behind The Scenes

Our guests had the unique opportunity to experience first-hand the intricate processes involved in sod farming. From the early stages of seeding to the meticulous harvesting techniques, the Chamber members were given an in-depth look into the hard work and dedication required to deliver our high-quality products. 

At NG Turf, we believe in the importance of transparency and were thrilled to share our operations with the local community. Seeing the interested faces and answering the insightful questions of our visitors confirmed once more why we love what we do.  

Jutt Howard, Ag Tour 2023

Celebrating Local Agricultural Businesses

The Ag Tour wasn’t just about NG Turf. We were in good company with several other fantastic local businesses that make Carroll County an agricultural powerhouse. We would like to extend a special shoutout to Ole McDermitt’s Farm, Agrimerica Farm and Construction LLC, and Key Farms Meats & Mercantile. Each of these businesses provides unique products and services, showcasing the diverse ways agriculture supports our local community. 

Visiting these diverse operations highlighted the strength of our local agriculture and the synergistic relationship among different businesses. From fresh produce and livestock at Ole McDermitt’s Farm, reliable agricultural and construction equipment at Agrimerica Farm and Construction, to locally sourced meats and goods at Key Farms Meats & Mercantile, each business plays a unique role in making Carroll County an Ag powerhouse. 

Thank You for Visiting

We are grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this inaugural event. Thank you to the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce for organizing this Ag Tour, and to all the Chamber members who took the time to visit and learn about our operations. Your interest and support mean the world to us! 

We look forward to continuing to serve our community with high-quality sod and are excited about participating in many more Ag Tours in the future. It is our sincere hope that this event has contributed to a greater understanding and appreciation of the vital role agriculture plays in our community. 

NG Turf is proud to be a part of Carroll County’s agricultural community, and we cannot wait to see where the future of agriculture takes us all. Together, we grow. 

Aaron McWhorter, AG Tour 2023

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