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Man on knees installing sod

Successfully Installing Sod in the Fall

Most people think of spring for installing a new lawn, but in the South, there’s no need to wait. Sod can be laid practically any time of year. In fact, fall is actually better for certain grass varieties. Let’s take a look at some of the considerations for successful sod installation in the fall.

Marvelous Mountain Retreat Renovation

Homeowner Spotlight: Marvelous Mountain Retreat Renovation

Anthony Prosser, an Englishman turned Floridian, purchased a 60-year-old cabin in the woods of Highlands, North Carolina as a vacation home. Measuring just under three-quarters of an acre, the entire lot was forest. Prosser declared that the first order of business was to clear out some of the mature trees and open up the canopy to allow grass to grow.

Growing Grass in All Soil Types

Growing Grass in All Soil Types

Soil can be friend or foe to your lawn, either encouraging or hampering grass health. You can do everything right at the surface—watering, mowing, fertilizing—but the soil underneath could be thwarting your efforts. Fall is a good time to learn more about your yard’s soil and how it may be affecting your lawn’s health.

On the Course: Sequoyah National

ON THE COURSE Sequoyah National Shifts to Warm Season Grass About Brannon Burnes Brannon Burnes has served as superintendent at Sequoyah National since 2014. A native of middle Georgia, he started working on golf courses in high school. Burnes earned a turf degree from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton, and later went back to …

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