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What People Think About Us

Nicky was excellent.  Sent information to guide laying of sod.  Sod was fresh as promised and delivered on time. The entire experience was excellent. I will definitely be calling them on my next sod project.

Michael Grossman

We found evidence that TifTuf™ used less water than Tifway419 and TifSport. It’s just a very tough and drought-tolerant grass. As soon as it quits raining, TifTuf™ is still performing well, unlike others that can start to fail.

Brian Schwartz Ph.D. University of Georgia

Very customer oriented. Salesperson called before delivery. Delivery was earlier than anticipated. Which was very good. 5-Star What was sod quality: Excellent

Bob Roberte

Thanks for sod recommendations. Also, fortunate to have gotten rain and some rest from watering since I am still exhausted from spreading 8 tons of topsoil and the two pallets of centipede by myself this weekend. By the way, a good selling point of your sod is that it does come in good shape, in squares…

Recommendations Designer