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Best Grass for Dogs

If you’re a dog owner, you probably already know dogs are hard on grass. Even if you have a magically well behaved dog who does its business and then plays quietly on the lawn, your grass can still sustain damage. Let’s take a look at some of the best grass for dogs.

When it comes to tough grasses, Bermuda tops the chart. This warm season grass is wear resistant, which means it will stand up to fido’s running, jumping and playing without showing as much wear and tear. And if your dog digs or scratches at the ground or simply urinates, and causes damage, Bermuda recovers quicker than other species by spreading to fill in bare spots.

Choosing the Best Sod Variety Bermuda TifTuf sod dogs on lawn

TifTuf™, one of the hardiest Bermudagrass varieties, not only offers great wear resistance and recovery, it also keeps its green color while using 38 percent less water. Exceptional drought tolerance and low maintenance make TifTuf a top choice among homeowners.

If your lawn is partially shady, however, zoysia provides a better solution than Bermuda, which can struggle in shady spots. Zoysia, another warm season grass offers medium high to high wear tolerance and shade tolerance. Plus, like Bermuda, zoysia is dog friendly, spreading to recover from damage that your fuzzy family member might cause.

freshly laid lawn of zoysia sod

Zeon®, a high performance zoysia, features higher shade tolerance and wear tolerance than other zoysia varieties. It also provides more disease and drought resistant. Zeon also requires less fertilizer to maintain a strong, healthy lawn.

Two brand new hybrids now give homeowners hardy grass options for green lawns year round. Cool season grasses Southern Blue™ and Sunbelt Blue™, which are crosses between Texas and Kentucky bluegrass, offer the best shade tolerance of any species in our area. It is a more durable grass than tall fescue and also recovers without overseeding—two important features for pet owners.

Southern Blue Bluegrass sod

Unlike tall fescue, these innovative new bluegrasses can spread horizontally, allowing them to repair damage on their own. They are also designed for enhanced heat and drought resistance. For a year round green lawn with pets, Southern Blue and Sunbelt Blue are the best options in our area.

Of course the best way to keep your lawn free of damage from pets is to build a dog run where they can pee, poo and play to their hearts content while the rest of the yard remains pristine. Read more about this and other helpful tips in our post How to Protect Your Lawn from Dog Urine.


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