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Do you want a lawn that’s thick, lush, and rich in color throughout the growing season? Zoysia sod is an excellent choice for Georgia thanks to its heat and drought resistance. And because of our temperate climate, NG Turf grows Zoysiagrass year round, so you can install it even during the dormant season. Here are some great care for you to keep your Zoysia lawn looking its best:

Zoysia Lawn Calendar

  • The warmer months are the best time to lay Zoysia sod, but by following NG Turf’s dormant-season lawn installation tips, you can get a lush, healthy Zoysia lawn anytime.
  • Prevent crabgrass and other summer weeds from sprouting by applying pre-emergents in February and March.
  • Begin fertilization in late April or early May for optimal turfgrass growth. August is the best time for fall fertilization.
  • Aerate Zoysia turfgrass in May if possible.
  • Overseed after spring aeration. The best time to seed your lawn is May or June.
  • Dethatch your Zoysiagrass lawn during the summer. Your lawn needs dethatching if thatch exceeds ½ inch.
  • Apply winter pre-emergent herbicides in September or October.

You can read the whole Zoysia Lawn Calendar from the UGA Ag Extension on our resources page.

If you want Zoysia sod pallets for your Atlanta lawn, NG Turf can help. We provide premium quality turfgrass to homeowners, professionals, and golf course superintendents across North Georgia.

Zoysia sod is low maintenance and grows well in shade, heat, and drought conditions. At NG Turf we grow a variety of Zoysiagrasses, including:

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