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Better Grass Through Smart Technology – NG Turf

This time of year, you look out across a field on one of NG Turf’s farms and you see a lovely, consistent green. They make it look easy, but that level of consistency takes a great deal of work, planning, and some really great technology.

Just one field can have close to a dozen different soil types and moisture profiles – each requiring a different set of nutrient amendments and different amounts of water to create the consistent sod we have come to love.

So… how do they do it?

It starts with GPS-assisted soil mapping to calibrate the fertilization requirements. The fields are also equipped with soil moisture sensors that communicate wirelessly with a “smart” irrigation rig that provides exactly the right amount of water to each part of the field.

“Not only does this technology make our job easier and our grass healthier,” explains Mark McWhorter, production manager at NG Turf, “it also helps us be more environmentally responsible.”

ng turf turfgrass technology

When it’s harvest time, their Firefly Proslab automated harvester is GPS guided to cut laser straight rows of perfectly trimmed sod slabs. “It’s the fastest slab harvester on the market,” McWhorter adds, “it also leaves zero waste in the field. We get a better harvest yield and our customers get the freshest sod possible.” (Check out this video from Firefly Equipment on YouTube)

The NG Turf team is 100% dedicated to keeping up to date with the latest in turfgrass technology to contonue to bring you the nest turfgrass in the southeast!

Whether you need one single pallet of sod for your project –  or a whole truckload – NG Turf will deliver premium, farm-fresh sod right to your door. Call us today for a custom quote at (770) 832-8608 or use this handy online form.


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