man mowing lawn with lawn mover

How to Choose the Right Lawn Service

Although a teenager with a mower and trimmer can manage basic lawn maintenance, it’s important to choose your lawn service wisely and discuss expectations before signing up. Even a national company could scalp your lawn, fertilize incorrectly or overwater, damaging and perhaps killing your grass. Follow our tips and find the right lawn service to keep your lawn looking its best.

gardener spraying weeds in lawn

Act Now to Beat Summer Weeds

According to the calendar, spring is still several weeks away, but now is actually the perfect time to battle summer weeds. As you read this, thousands of tiny seeds are germinating under your beautiful lawn, preparing to sprout ugly weeds. Go on the offense with pre-emergent herbicides. If you act fast, you can stop the weeds before you ever see them.

Team Spotlight: Kayla Huffmaster

Kayla became a Certified Turfgrass Professional to better serve NG Turf customers. Like several other members on our team, she completed a comprehensive program from the University of Georgia in partnership with the National Association of Landscape Professionals. Now she’s a valuable resource for information on turfgrass establishment, growth, maintenance and troubleshooting. Meet Kayla Huffmaster, sales representative and Certified Turfgrass Professional.