machine aerating lawn

When and How to Aerate the Lawn

Often overlooked, aeration plays an important role in maintaining a healthy lawn. And this year, more than ever, our lawns could use the help. A hot, dry fall followed by a wet winter and spring have led to a patchy start for many warm-season grasses. If your lawn is struggling to green up, it may be time to aerate.

father and daughter laying sod

Proper Care for New Sod

Many homeowners have been using their extra time at home to improve their landscapes. We know because we’ve heard from folks with questions about caring for new sod. Proper care for new sod starts sooner than you might think — while it’s still being installed. Follow these tips to get your beautiful new lawn off to a strong start.

brown patches of grass

How to Repair Bare Patches in Your Lawn

Now that the growing season is fully under way and dormant yards have turned green, any dead patches or bare spots will be obvious. If you have problem areas that require attention this spring, this guide will lead you step by step through using sod to restore your lawn to its former green glory.

types of Bermuda

Choosing the Best Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass thrives in warm climates and tolerates a wide range of conditions and uses, making it a popular choice for lawns here in the South. Despite its name, the variety originated in Africa, more than 150 years ago. Since then, several hybrids have been developed for enhanced performance, with the durability to withstand even heavy traffic on sports fields. To find the right Bermuda grass for your lawn, let’s take a look at the identifying features and care requirements.