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toddler playing with beach ball in backyard for fun

7 Easy Ideas for Backyard Fun and Games

This year, “Mom, I’m bored!” came early, and with our usual activities shut down, we have to get creative to find ways to have fun while staying home. Here are a few ideas to get your family out for some fresh air and good times in your own backyard — no shopping or travel required.

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kids playing in lawn, Social Distancing

Fight Cabin Fever While Social Distancing

Got cabin fever? Your yard may have the antidote. Social distancing doesn’t mean you’re stuck inside — get outside and breathe some fresh air. Now is the perfect time to trade in pandemic anxiety for some gardening Zen. By the end of quarantine, you may have improved health as well as the prettiest lawn on the block.

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bright green lawn of certified sod

Did You Buy Sod or Certified Turfgrass

Before you specify or buy sod for a project, you analyze the site conditions and make a careful choice based on the unique characteristics of a particular turfgrass variety. The success of your project hinges on the ability of that variety to perform as expected. However, contamination from other grasses or weeds could jeopardize the installation, unless you purchase certified turfgrass.

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high turf performance on the Columbus State University golf course

Keeping Turf Performance High for CSU Athletics

Watching grass grow for more than 20 years, Bob Wolverton of Columbus, Georgia has dedicated his career to the turfgrass and horticulture industry. He currently manages the athletic fields for Columbus State University (CSU), including an 11-acre golf course practice facility along with soccer, baseball, softball and intermural fields.

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lawn service provider mowing lawn with push lawn mover

How to Choose the Right Lawn Service

Although a teenager with a mower and trimmer can manage basic lawn maintenance, it’s important to choose your lawn service wisely and discuss expectations before signing up. Even a national company could scalp your lawn, fertilize incorrectly or overwater, damaging and perhaps killing your grass. Follow our tips and find the right lawn service to keep your lawn looking its best.

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