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Marvelous Mountain Retreat Renovation

Homeowner Spotlight: Marvelous Mountain Retreat Lawn Renovation

Anthony Prosser, an Englishman turned Floridian, purchased a 60-year-old cabin in the woods of Highlands, North Carolina as a vacation home. Measuring just under three-quarters of an acre, the entire lot was forest. Prosser declared that the first order of business was to clear out some of the mature trees and open up the canopy to allow grass to grow.

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Clean Cut Lawns and Landscaping NG Turf

Installation Spotlight: TifTuf Bermuda Excels at a CoEd Community

William Smith and his team at Clean Cut Lawns and Landscaping recently added curb appeal to Octiv Row, a new college housing community near the University of West Georgia in Carrollton. The new green spaces wrap around the eight-building complex, adding bright color and softness to the modern architecture.

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brown sod during a drought Calhoun sod near me

Protecting Grass During Drought

Rarely do we get through a summer without a dry spell or two. Many parts of our region are currently experiencing dry to abnormally dry weather, especially areas northwest and southeast of Atlanta. Since your grass is more susceptible to damage when it’s dry, follow these tips to keep your lawn green and healthy, even during drought.

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