Blue Tag Certification

It’s All About the Color

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Blue Tag Certification, issued by the Georgia Crop Improvement Association (GCIA), certifies that consumers receive the highest quality turfgrass in Georgia. Blue Tag Certification ensures that the sod was grown according to rigorous standards, meeting the GCIA requirements for vegetatively/seeded propagated turfgrass. Specifically, it confirms that the sod purchased contains no alternative grass varieties, perennial grasses or common weeds. Before a field can even be considered for Blue Tag Certification, it must meet stringent specifications, and after the turfgrass is grown, it must undergo inspection three times a year by GCIA assessors. These standards are the reason many landscape architects explicitly call for Blue Tag Certification in their design plans.

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Note the inconsistent color of this grass. Blue Tag Certification ensures genetic consistency which leads to uniform color.
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Look for the GCIA Blue Tag Certificate - the gold standard in turfgrass production.

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