TifTuf Bermuda sod on sports field

Project Spotlight: Brookstone High’s New Football Field

This fall, Brookstone High School is playing in a newly renovated stadium. The private high school in Columbus, Georgia took on a major project, replete with premium grass from NG Turf.

About the Project

Sports Turf Company installed XX pallets of TifTuf sod, a high performance Bermudagrass. In addition to the new grass field, Brookstone updated the stadium with an eight-lane track, new grandstands, and an upgraded press box, enhanced concession stands and more. The stadium also received a new name, honoring Mack Strong a Brookstone and NFL alumnus.

About the Grass

Traffic Tolerance

TifTuf Bermuda will provide a beautiful natural field with high traffic tolerance and quick recovery to endure the rigors of the Cougar’s weekly football games.

Drought Resistance

In addition, the innovative grass offers superior drought resistance, maintaining quality and color while using 38% less water than other varieties, which translates to significant savings for the school.

Color Retention

TifTuf also features an attractive bright green color with faster spring green-up and late fall color retention, so the field will look its best all season long.

Home Lawns

While TifTuf Bermuda is perfect for sports installations, it’s also a top choice for home lawns. If it can handle the traffic of a high school football field, it certainly can stand up to an active family. And any homeowner in the South will welcome less watering.

TifTuf does best in full sun to partial shade, with better shade tolerance than other Bermudas, and it offers a low maintenance lawn.

About Sports Turf Company

Sports Turf Company is a certified leader in athletic facility construction and a top sports contractor in the Southeast with more than 30 years of experience. Their team has renovated and constructed nearly 1,000 facilities throughout five states.


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