Lawn Care Resources

Watering, mowing and fertilizing are key to grass health and vitality. However, approaching these and other maintenance tasks the wrong way or at the wrong time could actually stress or damage your grass. Follow our tips for a beautifully maintained lawn.

when can i mow new sod

When to Mow New Sod

At NG Turf we often get asked the question: How soon should I mow my grass after installing new sod? It is a great question to ask. Read on to learn the answer.

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push mower cutting lawn, mowing mistakes concept

5 Mowing Mistakes That Damage the Lawn

When done right, mowing actually encourages your grass to grow, creating a dense lawn that resists weeds, drought, wear and disease. However, common mowing mistakes can actually cause significant damage to your lawn. Whether you pay a professional service or do it yourself, be sure to protect your grass from these detrimental practices.

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