types of Bermuda

Choosing the Best Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass thrives in warm climates and tolerates a wide range of conditions and uses, making it a popular choice for lawns here in the South. Despite its name, the variety originated in Africa, more than 150 years ago. Since then, several hybrids have been developed for enhanced performance, with the durability to withstand even heavy traffic on sports fields. To find the right Bermuda grass for your lawn, let’s take a look at the identifying features and care requirements.

Bermuda Grass Basics

A warm season grass, Bermuda grass features fine blades that grow vigorously for a dense green lawn during spring, summer and fall. All Bermuda varieties go dormant in winter, turning golden brown with the frost.

Bermuda grass grows well in a variety of soil conditions, from sand to clay. It tolerates heat and recovers quickly from drought, helping it survive our hot, dry summers. It also tolerates heavy use and recovers easily from traffic, so it’s a good choice for families who play hard in the yard.

Premium Bermuda Grasses

These specialized hybrids produce finely textured lawns that are prized for their premium appearance and high performance.

TIFTUF Bermuda shaded by trees TifTuf™ Bermuda Introduced after two decades of testing by the University of Georgia, TifTuf Bermuda boasts superior drought resistance, maintaining quality and color while using 38% less water than other varieties. TifTuf tolerates shade better than other Bermuda grasses, suitable for full sun to partial shade. Quick to green up in spring and remaining green into late fall, TifTuf retains color longer than most Bermudas as well.

TifGrand Bermuda
TifGrand® Bermuda
With dark green blades that offer superior quality in full sun or partial shade, TifGrand allows for a well manicured look that many homeowners prefer. TifGrand requires less fertilizer to maintain its rich color, compared to other Bermuda grass varieties. And it can be mowed below 0.5″, although it thrives best at 0.5″ to 1″.

Tifway 419 Bermuda Noted for its density, durability and quick recovery time, Tifway 419 Bermuda has been proving its worth for more than 50 years in virtually every type of application. Durable and resilient, Tifway is a favorite for athletic fields and golf courses, so it can easily stand up to the rigors of family life.

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