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Choosing the Best Sod Variety

Although old man winter still has a chilly grip on the thermometer, warmer days lie just around the corner. If your springtime projects include laying sod, here’s a primer for three of the most popular grass varieties. Armed with information on the benefits and maintenance required for each, you’ll be ready to choose the best sod variety for your home or business.


If you’re looking for a lush, soft lawn where you and the kids can roll around and play, zoysia is a great option. Recommended mowing heights range from half an inch to 2 inches. Like Bermuda, it turns golden brown during dormancy in areas with frosty winters, and then greens up each spring.


  • Choose for its excellent shade tolerance and wear resistance, along with its ability to withstand close mowing. Because it is slow growing, it also requires less frequent mowing and fertilizing.

  • Skip if your lawn includes areas that tend to stay wet. Zoysia prefers well drained soil.

  • Premium zoysias include Zeon®, Marvel™ and El Toro. All perform well in our area of the country, although Zeon offers the best shade and wear tolerance compared to other zoysias.
freshly laid lawn of zoysia sod


In many parts of our region, people require a sod that can stand up to serious Southern heat and drought without daily watering. In these areas, Bermuda is the toughest contender. It has a recommended mowing height of 1 to 2 inches, although some varieties can tolerate heights as low as half an inch. Like Zoysia, it goes dormant with the frosts and greens up each spring. 


  • Choose for its high performance in numerous categories. Bermuda receives excellent marks in tolerance of high temperatures and drought, along with wear resistance and the ability to withstand close mowing.

  • Skip if your lawn has deeply shaded areas. Bermuda tends to perform better with more sun.

  • Premium Bermudas include TifTuf™, Tifway 419 and TifGrand®. TifTuf is a relatively new cultivar from the University of Georgia, prized as a more sustainable variety—even among other Bermuda grasses. It uses 38% less water than other Bermudas, offering stellar durability against heat, drought and wear, while requiring less frequent mowing.
Choosing the Best Sod Variety Bermuda TifTuf sod dogs on lawn


If you long for a green lawn all year round, Rebel Supreme® tall fescue is the best option in our region. It has a recommended mowing height of 2 to 3 inches, and offers enhanced disease resistance and traffic tolerance compared to other fescues. 

  • Choose for its deep green color that remains green year round. Fescue is a cool season grass that exhibits exceptional shade performance and cold hardiness.

  • Skip if you prefer close mowing or if your lawn lies in the Deep South. Fescue grows best from a line north of Interstate 20. It also requires more water and maintenance than Bermuda or zoysia.

  • Premium fescues include Rebel Supreme, which was specifically developed with more extensive root systems to better withstand drought and heat in the South.
yard of tall fescue sod with walkway of pavers

Want More Information on Sod Varieties?

Need more information? Check out our Varieties page for detailed comparisons. And if you need help choosing a premium sod for your lawn, contact our Certified Turfgrass Professionals at 770.832.8608 or


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