Zoysia varieties

Choosing the Best Zoysia Grass

If you long for a lush, soft lawn, where you can walk barefoot and the kids can roll around and play, zoysia offers a great choice. This dense grass thrives in warm Southern temperatures and requires less maintenance than most other varieties.

Several zoysia hybrids have been cultivated for enhanced performance and aesthetics. Read on to explore the options and choose the best grass for your dream lawn.

Zoysia Grass Basics

A warm season grass, zoysia turns golden brown during dormancy in areas with frosty winters, and then greens up each spring. It requires less fertilizing and mowing compared to most other varieties and stands up well to foot traffic. zoysia is also more shade tolerant than most other varieties, although it does not tolerate deep shade.

Zoysia grass can be cut short for a beautifully manicured lawn, with recommended mowing heights ranging from half an inch to two inches.

Premium Zoysia Grass Varieties

These specialized zoysia grass hybrids produce dense lawns prized for their premium appearance and high performance.

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Zeon® Zoysia

Developed for its superior fine blade, Zeon zoysia offers the best in barefoot experiences. The premium grass also performs well with remarkable shade tolerance, strong drought resistance, low thatch production and improved traffic tolerance as compared to other zoysias.

Its high performance marks and deep green color make Zeon ideal for home lawns, commercial installations and golf courses, and since it is sold only with Blue Tag Certification, you can rest assured you will receive only premium quality sod.

Whitesburg, GA zoysia sod near me

El Toro Zoysia

The most drought resistant zoysia variety, El Toro also tolerates shade and foot traffic. It is easy to maintain and requires less fertilizing than most other grasses. The medium textured blades provide a dense, dark green lawn perfect for residential and commercial installations.

Meyer Zoysia front yard

Meyer Zoysia

This long standing variety has been grown successfully in our region for more than 50 years. Native to Japan, it features a dark green color with a slightly wider blade than other zoysias. Meyer zoysia spreads to create a dense lawn that provides good traffic and cold tolerance.

To learn more about our zoysia grass varieties, visit our website. Our Certified Turfgrass Professionals are also happy to answer your questions at 770.832.8608 or info@NGTurf.com.


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