Nutsedge in green lawn

Controlling Nutsedge In Lawns 

Navigating through the nuances of maintaining a lush and healthy lawn, homeowners often encounter a seemingly innocent, grass-like weed that, in reality, poses a formidable threat to their landscapes: nutsedge. To strategize effective control measures against this pervasive weed, understanding its biology, identifying features, and proliferation habits becomes paramount. Let’s dive into understanding this pesky weed and exploring efficient strategies for its control and eradication. 

What is Nutsedge?

Nutsedge, often misidentified as grass, is a persistent, invasive weed that can severely impact the aesthetics and health of your lawn. It possesses a unique, triangular stem and can proliferate rapidly under favorable conditions, taking a toll on your beautiful lawn.

Biological Insights

Nutsedge, scientifically known as Cyperus, belongs to the sedge family. Although it superficially resembles grass, a closer look reveals distinctive characteristics that set it apart and warrant specific control tactics. Notably, two prevalent species tend to infiltrate lawns across the United States: yellow nutsedge (Cyperus esculentus) and purple nutsedge (Cyperus rotundus). 

Characterizing Features

  • Triangular Stems: Unlike grasses, nutsedges have a conspicuously triangular stem that can be felt when rolled between fingers.

  • Glossy Appearance: The leaves often exhibit a shiny, slightly waxy appearance, and are arranged in sets of three from the base.

  • Tuber Formation: Nutsedge plants form tubers (small underground bulbs) that facilitate their persistent and rapid re-emergence, even after the visible plant is removed. 

Growth and Proliferation Habits

Nutsedge tends to thrive in moist, well-irrigated conditions, making lush lawns an ideal locale for their proliferation. However, they’re not merely limited to damp areas and can exploit various environmental conditions to spread.   

  • Rapid Growth: These weeds exhibit an ability to grow noticeably faster than typical lawn grasses, often sticking out above the turf between mowing sessions.

  • Reproduction: Nutsedge can reproduce and spread via seeds, rhizomes, and tubers, making it particularly challenging to control once established.

  • Persistent Nature: The tubers are not only a means of reproduction but also serve as a nutrient reserve, enabling the weed to regrow after the removal of above-ground parts.

  • Exploitative: It tends to exploit any gaps or thin areas in the turf, capitalizing on the available space and resources to establish its pesky presence. 

Why Control Nutsedge?

Nutsedge isn’t just an aesthetic concern, but it actively competes with your desired grass for water, nutrients, and sunlight. Its persistent and aggressive nature enables it to quickly colonize areas of your lawn, displacing the grass and forming unsightly, uneven patches. Additionally, the tubers of yellow nutsedge are known to be edible and are even cultivated in certain regions, known as “tiger nuts,” but in the context of lawn care, they enable the resilience and recurrence of this weed, making eradication attempts labor-intensive and often ongoing. 

  • Aesthetic Disruption: Nutsedge tends to grow faster than most grass types, disrupting the uniformity of the lawn. 

  • Nutrient Competitor: Nutsedge competes with your sod for essential nutrients, potentially hindering the growth and vitality of your turfgrass. 

Understanding nutsedge from the root to the shoot provides an insightful perspective to devise and implement targeted control, ensuring that your lawns remain a testament to lush, green vitality, free from the covert disruption of this pervasive weed. 

Effective Strategies to Control Nutsedge

1. Proper Identification

Before initiating any control measures, ensure you’re dealing with nutsedge and not grass or other weeds. The distinctly triangular stem and rapid growth, especially in warm, moist conditions, are tell-tale signs. 

2. Cultivate Healthy, Robust Turf

  • Opt for Quality Sod: NG Turf prides itself on providing premium-quality sod that establishes a thick, healthy lawn, offering less room for nutsedge to propagate.


  • Regular Mowing: Consistently mow your lawn to promote the robustness of your turf and prevent the spreading of nutsedge seeds.


  • Adequate Fertilization: Ensuring that your lawn is adequately fertilized fortifies it against invasive weeds by enhancing the health and density of your turf. 

3. Manual Removal

For minor infestations, manually pulling out the nutsedge, ensuring the removal of the entire plant along with its tubers, can be effective.

Manual Removal of Nutsedge: A Step-By-Step Guide to Root-Level Eradication

4. Appropriate Watering Techniques

  • Deep and Infrequent Watering: Promote deep root growth of your turf by adopting a deep and infrequent watering schedule, which conversely inhibits the shallow roots of nutsedge. 

5. Utilize Herbicides

  • Selecting the Right Herbicide: Employ a selective herbicide designed specifically for nutsedge without compromising the health of your turf. 

  • Timely Application: Apply the herbicide when nutsedge is actively growing, typically during the late spring or early summer. 

6. Barrier Techniques

Implement barriers to prevent nutsedge from spreading into your turf from neighboring areas. 
Barrier techniques in the context of weed control refer to physical or chemical strategies employed to inhibit the spread of invasive plants like nutsedge into your pristine lawn or garden areas. Implementing barriers essentially creates a defensive line that obstructs the propagation of weeds, safeguarding your turf and plant beds from unwanted invaders. 

NG Turf: Your Ally in Lawn Care

At NG Turf, we are more than just a supplier of high-quality sod varieties suited to various climates and use-cases. We are steadfast in our commitment to enriching your knowledge and capabilities in maintaining impeccable, healthy lawns. Our expertise spans decades, ensuring that you are backed by seasoned professionals in your turf maintenance endeavors. 

Nutsedge control is pivotal in maintaining a vibrant, wholesome lawn. Implementing a mixture of preventive and reactive measures ensures that your turf remains in splendid condition throughout the year. NG Turf is not only dedicated to providing premium sod but also to being a reservoir of knowledge and guidance in your lawn care journey. 


Explore our wide array of robust, resilient sod varieties at NG Turf and empower your lawns to stand tall against nutsedge and other invasive elements. Don’t leave your lawn’s health to chance. If you have questions, give our Certified Turfgrass Professionals a call at 770.832.8608 or email at  

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