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Drivers Making the NG Turf Difference

Although they are not involved in the growing of the sod or selling it, NG Turf drivers are a crucial part of the team, meeting customers at the project site with loads of farm fresh sod. And like their teammates, the drivers strive to put customer service first.

The Face of the Company

James Bobo began driving for NG Turf after retiring from his job as a sheriff’s deputy. “Coming from the police world, I rarely have a stressful day now. I absolutely love working here.” His enthusiasm for his job radiates to the customers he serves.

“We’re the face of the company when we show up,” Bobo points out, “and you have to have customer service skills, to have a good rapport with everybody.” He says it all starts with a polished appearance, a clean truck and promptness—going to great lengths to arrive on time. “I live in Columbus, so I have an 80-mile trip to work every day. I always make sure that I get to work early to avoid traffic.”

NG Turf sod delivery truck

Sod Delivery Customer Service

Bobo reports to the Whitesburg office, delivering mainly to the metro Atlanta area, although his deliveries take him anywhere from Tennessee to Florida and points in between.

“We always call about 30 minutes out from a delivery,” he explains. We’ll discuss whether or not they have a crew on site and where they want the sod.” He and his fellow drivers put safety first, careful to avoid damage to property or structures at each site. “When a customer wants the sod in a certain spot, we judge the terrain, the slope, the ground, and if it looks unsafe, we’ll discuss other options.”

NG Turf sod delivery location map
NG Turf's customer service extends
across a wide delivery area.

Bobo says his customers often speak highly of NG Turf. “A lot of people will say, you all have more expensive grass, but it’s always on time, and it’s always high quality.”

Bobo speaks highly of the company, too. “It’s a fun job. I look forward to it every day.”

Ryan Goss’ repossession business dried up when Covid hit, so he took a job delivering NG Turf sod. “It’s been wide open for the three years since I’ve been here,” he reported.

Customer Service is Paramount

Like Bobo, Goss says customer service is paramount. “We try to go above and beyond,” he said. “Like for pros on golf courses and sports fields, we try to line up the tails of the rolls all in the same direction to keep them from having to move the rolls around. We also try to place them where it’s easier to get to with the tractors.”

Goss also stresses the importance of timely deliveries. “Time is money,” he says. A self-professed early bird, he enjoys getting a head start on the day. Some days even begin the night before. “We sometimes start at midnight, delivering to the coast of SC or Nashville, so we can be there at 7 a.m.”

To ensure the grass arrives healthy, the NG Turf team avoids leaving cut sod to sit on pallets. “If you leave it in the hot sun, it will burn and turn brown,” Goss explains. “We cut it late in the day, so it will be fresh for morning deliveries.”

NG Turf sod delivery
NG Turf sod delivery

Goss, Bobo and their fellow drivers enjoy working for a company that supplies high quality products with outstanding customer service. Their hard work and dedication is an important part of the NG Turf difference.


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