Fescue Varieties

This cool season grass maintains its green color year round.

Our Projects

We’re proud to show you what can be done with superior sod.

What People Think About Us

The shade tolerant fescue is just what we needed to turn 2500 sq feet of dirt and weeds behind our pond into a beautiful park. The transformation is amazing. We’re thrilled with the turf quality, price, and our sales rep!

Brian & Michelle Homeowners

I have been a hydroseeder in Franklin NC for 3 years now and next spring I will expand my business to establish lawns using sod. The lawn I put in, using your fescue sod, for MPP in Franklin is now a beautiful lawn and they are more than happy with the result. NG Turf will see a lot more of me in the future.

Ron Morkel Ron's Hydroseeding