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Fight Cabin Fever While Social Distancing

Got cabin fever? Your yard may have the antidote. Social distancing doesn’t mean you’re stuck inside — get outside and breathe some fresh air. Now is the perfect time to trade in pandemic anxiety for some gardening Zen. By the end of quarantine, you may have improved health as well as the prettiest lawn on the block.

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Health Benefits

According to the NIH, half of the world is vitamin D deficient. When you go out to work in the yard, spend 10 to 15 minutes in the sun before applying sunblock to give your body time to create this important nutrient. 

Also, moderate activity required for yard work has been shown to lower blood pressure, increase cardiovascular function and elevate mood — results we could all appreciate right now.

Spring Clean-Up

It’s difficult to enjoy time outside if your outdoor spaces have been neglected. Enlist the whole family to help spruce up your corner of the great outdoors. Pick up branches and twigs, rake up any fallen leaves and weed the flower beds. If you didn’t refresh your mulch in the fall, now is a great time. Many home and garden centers remain open. You can shop online and pick up or have mulch delivered to maintain social distancing. 

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Plant Spring Color

Beautify your home and lift your spirits with colorful annuals or flowering shrubs. If you live south of the Fall Line, you’re in zone 8, where the frost threat has already passed, so it’s safe to plant shrubs and flowers. Find a nursery that will take orders online or by phone and get the plants delivered or have the order readied for pick-up. 

If you live north of the Fall Line in zone 7, April 15 is the recommended date to avoid killing frost, but you can get seeds started or go ahead and plant flowers in pots. Just watch the weather and bring them inside on nights when frost threatens.

Landscape Renovation

Now is the perfect time to launch into a landscape project. Whether you need to redo the whole lawn, or just address a problem area, you can call NG Turf to order farm fresh sod by phone. Our delivery trucks will place the pallets in your yard — no contact required for safe social distancing.

Our Certified Turfgrass Experts can answer any questions you may have about yard preparation, proper installation and new grass care. And since the gym is closed, you can get a full body workout by laying sod.

Put the Social in Social Distancing

front porch with 4 rocking chairs and wooden swing

Clean porches, decks, patios and outdoor furniture to extend your living area. Give the grill a good spring overhaul and break out the summertime recipes a little early this year. Hang fun lights and give boring family meals some festive al fresco flair.

You could even plan a CDC-approved digital gathering. Text ideas for cocktail concoctions to your friends and FaceTime as you sip in your favorite lawn chair.

If you have questions about a spring project, our Certified Turfgrass Professionals are happy to help. Give them a call at 770-832-8608 or email at



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