Growing up, when Mom or Dad fussed at us to “Go Outside and Play” it was usually because we were getting on their nerves. Little did any of us know how important that advice would turn out to be!Playing outside is good for your health NG Turf

There is a growing body of research demonstrating the direct link between spending time outdoors in natural environments and overall good health. The general consensus is that the more time you spend outside enjoying our beautiful world, the healthier and happier you will be.

Just take a look at the cool research studies we found:


Spending approximately two hours a day outdoors exposed to natural light reduces the development of nearsightedness in children by up to 400%, even when both parents are nearsighted!

Get in the Rhythm

Enjoying morning sun helps correct your body’s natural sleep-wake cycles. Lack of morning sun can lead to hormonal imbalances, poor quality sleep, and fatigue.

Toxin Overload

Indoor air can be 2 – 5 times more toxic than the air outdoors. Air out your house often and check out NASA’s list of indoor plants that can help clean the air.

More Green, Less Stress

According to this study ( done in 2012, seeing the color green (as in trees and grass) lowers stress and improves exercise performance!

Attention Booster

Regular participation in outdoor activities and playtime after school and on weekends reduces ADHD symptoms and improves attention skills in children.

Get Creative!

A short walk in a natural environment can boost your creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Sunshine Vitamin

Your skin naturally produces more Vitamin D you need in a day with just 10 minutes of sunlight (minus the sunscreen). Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones, a balanced mood, and efficient energy metabolism.

Never Act Your Age

Elderly adults who still spend time outdoors on a regular basis report less joint pain and enjoy better mobility than those who do not. One study showed that the “outdoorsy” folks measured a full 7 years younger than their “indoorsey” counterparts!

Study Outside?

Both long and short term memory improve by about 20% after taking a walk through a forest or garden.

It’s Biochemical

Spending time surrounded by nature reduces stress down to the molecular level! Before and after studies show reduced heart rate, blood pressure, inflammation, and cortisol levels (a stress hormone). They also showed an increase in immune function and antioxidant activity.


Now that the days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping, it will be more tempting than ever to cozy up inside. But even in the colder months, our bodies need sunlight and “green spaces” to stay healthy. So, put on a cozy jacket instead, and go outside to play…

That’s where we’ll be – out on the farm growing even more of the best sod in the southeast!