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Great sod makes for great golf! NG Turf's Sod School is a great place for golf course superintendents to get access to a multitude of sod maintenance resources.​

beautiful green sod on golf course

On the Course

Find out just what’s happening on the course! Learn all about turfgrass challenges golf courses face and solutions to go along with them.

Sequoyah National Golf Course new sod installation finished

Turf Talk

When it comes to sod, golf courses are in a league all their own. Find out what golf superintendents have to say about their courses. You might just learn a new trick of the trade.

hand moving rich, black soil, referencing nutrients in soil

Sod Science

There is so much more to sod than what meets the eye. Learn about the breeding programs, genetics, research, and testing that goes into each variety of sod. 

Recent Articles

high turf performance on the Columbus State University golf course
Best Practices

Keeping Turf Performance High for CSU Athletics

Watching grass grow for more than 20 years, Bob Wolverton of Columbus, Georgia has dedicated his career to the turfgrass and horticulture industry. He currently manages the athletic fields for Columbus State University (CSU), including an 11-acre golf course practice facility along with soccer, baseball, softball and intermural fields.

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