NG Turf Certified Turfgrass Professionals are Here to Help

There’s a reason area golf course superintendents keep the NG Turf office on speed dial.

They know that it doesn’t matter if they are conducting repair and maintenance, mid-scale remodels, or managing new construction, NG Turf will deliver the healthiest, farm-fresh sod you’ve ever seen.

There’s no middle man either. You work direct with the decision makers to protect your timelines and streamline communication.

Our area farms grow multiple varieties of zoysia, bermuda, and fescue available year-round. Cut fresh to order, we’ll deliver your sod when you need it – even on a Monday morning.

Great sod makes for great golf – whether you’re talking about aesthetics or player experience.  

From roughs to greens, and everything in between – NG Turf would love to be your go-to sod provider.


Walk in purchase of 150 square feet of Marvel 2. Process efficient and professional.  Recommend NG Turf for all grass purchases. 5 Star

Charles Cox

You guys always do a great job making sure I have the right products for the jobs I need to do. It is a pleasure being able to work with you.

Aaron M Baggett

Kerri Sharp and a young man named Nathan were extremely helpful and exceeded all expectations, Thank you. Customer for life, James Nolin Tifway 419 Bermuda

James Nolin