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Grass Variety

Available Now. TifSport Bermuda is sold only as a certified bermudagrass. It has a superior cold hardiness and a slightly finer leaf texture than Tifway. TifSport is a high density turf with extremely high tensile strength and can recover quickly from injury. In addition to great drought tolerance and pest resistance, TifSport can handle a wide range of mowing heights exceedingly well. TifSport is grown year-round at NG Turf and can be installed as dormant sod during the winter months.

Installation Techniques
Sod is the best way for instant beauty and a lush yard. Water the sod as you lay it. Do not wait until you are finished to water it. It will take about two to three weeks for complete establishment.

Maintenance Instructions
Recommended mowing height is 1/2 to 1 1/2 inches, removing no more than 1/3 total height at one time. In the spring do not apply nitrogen containing fertilizers until the soil temperature at 4 inches is 65 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Ideal pH for bermudas is 5.5 - 6.5. Follow fertilizer recommendations on soil test report. You can do this through your local county extension agent. Don't know your county extension agent? Find them here!

Quick Links
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Water Installation Guide
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"We love using North Georgia Turf at HighGrove Partners. The quality of their Bermuda product is exceptional. They have a tremendous team that always provides great customer service; whether it is with turf questions, scheduling, or looking up old invoices. We really enjoy having them as a vendor partner and would recommend them to anyone."

Sam Sampson
High Grove Partners

"NG Turf has been great to work with. The customer support is always friendly and responsive, complete with site visitations. The sod is always delivered exactly when we need it. This keeps our crews productive and allows us to get more done in a day. Most importantly, the sod is always fresh and lush. NG Turf helps to differentiate us in our market area."

Scott Reinblatt
Big Blue Sky Landscaping

"In the past, I very seldom recommend bermudagrass for a home lawn. The main reason was poor performance in shaded areas close to the house, under trees, etc. Now with the development of TifGrand Bermuda, the world's first shade tolerant bermuda, I can use it with confidence."

David Doguet
President, Bladerunner Farms, Inc. & world renowned zoysiagrass breeder
Poteet, Texas

"[Tifgrand] has the fine leaf quality of other popular turfgrasses but it maintains in shade and drought conditions and will cross multiple segments, including golf courses, sports fields and residential users."

Charles Harris
President, Buy Sod, Inc.
Southern Pines, North Carolina

"TifGrand will take market share from both the traditional bermuda market as well as the traditional shade-tolerant grass market, and even to some extent the southern boundary of the cool-season grass market. The TifGrand dynamics clearly should begin changes in the use and application of Bermuda in the market place."

Arthur Milberger
King Ranch Turfgrass
Wharton, Texas

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