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Grassroots Leadership: NG Turf’s Leading Ladies 

NG Turf is not just a company; it’s a family story. At its helm are many important women who are proving that leadership has no gender in the world of home improvement. Merett Alexander and Natalie Howard, daughters of NG Turf’s founder and CEO Aaron McWhorter, are carving their own path in the industry, bringing a unique blend of dedication, innovation, and commitment to the family business.

Merett Alexander, VP of Golf Course Sales

Merrett Alexander, VP of Golf Course Sales

Merett Alexander, NG Turf’s Vice President of Golf Course Sales, is a trailblazer in every sense of the word. Launching the golf course segment for the company, Merett has been instrumental in not just diversifying the business, but also proving its versatility in different terrains.

Her vision is to not only maintain NG Turf’s reputation for quality but also to expand the horizons of the company’s influence within the golfing world.
Her ability to liaise with golf course architects, superintendents, and builders while maintaining NG Turf’s high standards of excellence is a testament to her remarkable leadership.

Natalie Howard, VP of Business Administration

Natalie Howard, NG Turf VP of Administration

Meanwhile, Natalie Howard, as the Vice President of Business Administration, serves as the vital support pillar for both the operations and growth of NG Turf. Natalie joined the NG Turf family in 2020, but her journey within the industry dates back to 2007, and her wealth of experience is evident. Her role may seem daunting, as she oversees vital aspects of the business, from sales and accounts receivable, purchasing of farm supplies, to human resources and event planning.  

Family-Owned & Operated

Merett and Natalie, embody the essence of NG Turf as a family-owned and operated business. They bring to life the business’s ethos, showing that being family-owned is more than just a label, but a testament to dedication, innovation, and deeply rooted values. This family bond, combined with their hard work, is the cornerstone of their success.

Women in the Turf Industry

Their journey is not only a beacon of inspiration for other women in the turf industry, but also a testament to the strength of family enterprises. Merett Alexander and Natalie Howard exemplify ‘grassroots leadership’, driving NG Turf forward while keeping its roots firmly grounded in family values and commitment. They illustrate that the home improvement industry, and indeed all industries, can flourish under the stewardship of a family-owned operation that prioritizes diversity, inclusion, and a strong commitment to excellence. 


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