Mableton, Georgia Home Makeover

Homeowner Spotlight: Makeover in Mableton

About the Project

Mableton front lawn makeover Homeowners from Mableton, Georgia, decided to refresh their tired lawn. A large tree in the center of the front yard had recently been removed, but not before its dense shade damaged the Bermuda grass below.

Several shrubs were removed from the front of the house to open up views at the front of the house, and existing grass was replaced with fresh Zeon® Zoysia.

About the Grass

The homeowners will enjoy Zeon’s softness under foot and exceptional tolerance for foot traffic. And because Zeon is certified turfgrass, they can rest assured the sod is grown to strict standards for premium quality and high performance.

While most of the yard gets full sun, some areas close to the house are partially shaded. Zeon outperforms Bermuda grasses and even other Zoysia grasses for shade tolerance.

The new Zeon lawn will also require less fertilizer and will produce less thatch, making it easier to maintain.