Hoover Met Stadium

Field of Dreams: The Hoover Met Receives Renovations in Preparation for SEC Baseball Tournament 

The Hoover Metropolitan Complex in Hoover, Alabama, also known as “The Hoover Met, has been home to the SEC Baseball Tournament since 1998. The SEC baseball tournament features the top 12 teams from the Southeastern Conference and draws more the 120,000 fans each year. The Hoover Met is set to host the SEC baseball tournament from May 23-28, 2023. In preparation for this prestigious event, the grounds crew have been hard at work renovating the complex’s outfield and foul ground territory with NG Turf’s premium TifTuf Bermudagrass. 

About the Venue

While the SEC Baseball Conference Tournament may bring in the largest crowd each year, The Hoover Met hosts a wide variety of events. This baseball stadium has been transformed for sporting events such as football, soccer, and beach volleyball. The field has also been set up for concerts, marching band competitions, clinics, community gatherings, and more. The Met is also the home field for the Hoover High School Buccaneer football team 

The Hoover Met

About the Project

The outfield and foul ground territory are critical areas for game play and use for practices leading up to the SEC tournament. Over time, these areas can become worn and damaged, affecting the quality of play on the field. Repairing and replacing these worn areas ensures that the playing surface is in top condition for the tournament. A quick repair project request was initiated in January 2023 and NG Turf was able to promptly fulfill the order to allow for proper root-in.  

About the Grass

The Hoover Metropolitan Complex is a multi-purpose venue that hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including concerts, trade shows, and sporting events. With such a high volume of foot traffic and heavy use, it is essential to have a durable and resilient playing surface that can withstand the wear and tear of these events. That’s where TifTuf Bermudagrass comes in. 

TifTuf Bermuda is a highly durable and resilient grass that is ideal for high-traffic areas like the Hoover Met. It has been specifically bred to withstand heavy use and recover quickly from damage, making it the perfect choice for a venue that hosts a variety of events. 


In addition to its durability, TifTuf Bermuda is also highly attractive, with a deep green color and a fine texture that is pleasing to the eye. This makes it an ideal choice for venues that want to create a welcoming and visually appealing environment for their guests. 

But perhaps most importantly, TifTuf Bermuda is also highly functional, providing a consistent playing surface that is ideal for sports like baseball. It has a dense root system that helps to prevent divots and other damage from occurring, ensuring that the playing surface remains level and safe for athletes. 

Tiftuf certified bermuda sod logo

TifTuf is a certified variety, ensuring both quality
and grass uniformity.

The SEC conference baseball tournament is a highly anticipated event that draws fans from across the region. The Hoover Metropolitan Complex is the premier venue for this tournament, and the quality sod provided by NG Turf helps to ensure that the playing surface will be in top condition for this important event. 

NG Turf is proud to have been a part of this renovation project, and looks forward to seeing the TifTuf Bermuda grass in action during the SEC conference baseball tournament. With its ability to withstand heavy use and recover quickly from damage, this grass is sure to provide a top-notch playing surface for the players and fans alike. 

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