Increase your green footprint with quality sod.
Worldwide Earth Day, April 22, is a great time to consider how our actions impact the planet and to reflect on how important green spaces are to our collective quality of life on planet earth.

Natural grass plays an important role in balancing our ecosystems; from improving air quality, to controlling soil erosion, to absorbing carbon dioxide, and more!

In addition, certain sod varieties need less water to thrive and reduce the demand on our water resources.

In your quest to have the perfect lawn, there are a few things you can do to increase your green footprint by using fewer chemicals and simultaneously cultivate a beautiful yard:                                                                     

  • Select high quality sod. Healthy, vigorous grass inherently resists weeds and pests, helping eliminate the need for herbicides and pesticides;
  • Maintaining the correct soil pH can play a significant role in weed control. Most turfgrass grows best at a neutral 5.5 to 6.5 pH, you can help your grass thrive and discourage weeds in the process—all without using a single chemical.
  • Use organic fertilizer rather than chemicals;
  • Proper mowing also discourages weeds and pests. Mowing to the high side of the optimal height range for your grass variety cuts down on the amount of sunlight reaching the soil surface, preventing weeds from germinating.

With a few easy steps, you can go all-natural in your yard this year. In addition to taking pride in your organic lawn, you can rest assured that your naturally green lawn is safe and healthy for your family, pets and planet. Happy Earth Day!

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