core landscaping fescue sod install, Alpharetta ga

Installation Spotlight: Core Landscape

Meet the Landscaper

Core Landscape is a design/build firm offering landscape architecture and in-house construction services as a division of ASD Sky, a multi-disciplinary design firm. “We do a variety of projects, but we focus on more current, modern design,” says Core Landscape architect Emily Mason. “That’s definitely the trend.”

Core Landscape architects implement their designs in the Atlanta area, where they are based, and also do design work for ASD Sky in a dozen cities across the country.

Core Landscape project before shot
core landscape project before

About the Project

The team designed a courtyard at an office complex in Alpharetta. “We were working with an owner who has several of these office spaces that were installed, maybe in the ‘80s, and it’s time for a renovation,” Mason explained.

The space started with nothing but a few large trees and older concrete walkways. “It didn’t have any design elements. It was just your typical sidewalks to the door,” Mason remembered.

The team designed a modern courtyard with a graveled outdoor dining area. They incorporated the large existing trees, brought in some large quarried stone benches, and then landscaped with new hedging and sod. “It created more useable space out of the courtyard,” Mason said.

core landscape project in Alpharetta Georgia
core landscape fescue sod install in Alpharetta georgia

About the Grass

Core Landscape chose fescue for the Alpharetta project. “The owner prefers the look of fescue because it stays green year round,” Mason said. The team was also concerned about the amount of shade in the courtyard, which is surrounded with buildings and several mature trees. “We knew the fescue would be more tolerant of the shade,” Mason explained. 

The team installed 11 pallets of NG Turf fescue, careful to let the shade lines dictate where the sod was placed. Gravel was chosen for a dining area where extensive shade and foot traffic would have hindered grass growth.


Why NG Turf

Mason explained that because modern design is so precise, high quality, uniform grass is essential for their landscapes.

“We’ve been using NG Turf exclusively for quite a few years,” Mason said. “We started out using a couple different suppliers, but it didn’t take us long to figure out that the quality and the customer service was much better from NG Turf.”

Core Landscape also maintains many of their projects, keeping an eye on the grass and plants to be sure the design stays fresh. Mason says their biggest concern has been the abnormally high rainfall, which makes it difficult to find time to mow. “NG Turf produces good sod, so we don’t have to worry about much.”

core landscaping fescue sod install, Alpharetta ga

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