zeon zoysia lawn before and after sod installation

Installation Spotlight: Revitalizing Stressed Marietta Lawn

line of zeon zoysia sod pallets delivered outside of a home ready to be installedAbout the Project

Jeremy Griffith and his team at Peach State Maintenance & Design recently transformed the lawn of homeowner Linda Lamn, who resides in McNeel Farms, Marietta, Georgia.

The existing grass was struggling, especially in shaded areas. Peach State replaced it with 7,000 square feet of NG Turf’s premium Zeon® Zoysia sod for improved performance in a yard bordered by mature trees.

close up of green, healthy zeon zoysia About the Grass

“The homeowner has some river birches that she’s attached to,” Griffith explained. “So I told her to go with Zeon because it tolerates more shade.” In addition to shade performance, Griffith recommended Zeon® Zoysia sod for its high quality. “It was a chance to go to a better grade grass with lower maintenance and an overall better look.”

At Griffith’s suggestion, Lamn plans to remove some tree limbs to ensure the grass gets enough sun. For aesthetics, she prefers to keep the Zoysia at the higher end of the recommended mowing range, which will also help boost shade tolerance.

“We cut it for the first time at three inches,” Lamb said. “My neighbor also has Zeon, and he cuts his very low, but I we’re going to leave it around two and a half inches.”

Griffith is pleased with the final results. “In my years of experience, Zeon has always been a good performer for me. When the conditions and maintenance are right, I think it’s one of the nicest grasses on the market.”

Why NG Turf

Peach State Maintenance & Design has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with NG Turf. “I started my company back in 2000, and NG Turf was the first supplier to deliver sod for me,” Griffith remembered. “I’ve had an account since day one, and the service and quality are great. I always tell my customers, ‘They stand behind their product.’”

The homeowner was pleased with NG Turf’s premium product and service as well. “The grass arrived on time. It looked great when it went in, and it’s looking wonderful now,” Lamn exclaimed. “I like the color of the grass. I like the texture. I’m thrilled with it.”


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