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Jutt Howard: NG Turf’s Champion for Change in District 71 

In the dynamic and constantly evolving world of the agricultural and landscape supply industries, leadership and innovation are key. At NG Turf, we’re proud to showcase our very own Jutt Howard, Vice President of Business Operations and Certified Turf Professional, as he steps into the political arena with his candidacy for the District 71 State House Seat. Jutt’s fresh perspective and extensive experience promise to bring valuable insights to the political landscape. 

A Deep-Rooted Passion for Politics and Community

Jutt’s journey into politics is fueled by his profound engagement with current issues and a passion for politics. His experience as a leader in our family-run business has given him a unique perspective on how governmental decisions impact local enterprises. Jutt is a firm believer in the importance of active involvement in both the community and government to foster growth and development. 

Advocating for Agriculture

Agriculture is not just Georgia’s top industry; it’s the heart of our state’s economy. Jutt’s commitment to this sector is evident through his work at NG Turf and his role as President of the Board of Directors for the Georgia Crop Improvement Association. He aims to bolster the agriculture industry by strengthening the rights of farmers and landowners, enhancing workforce development, and ensuring sustainable growth. 

Addressing Challenges and Fostering Growth

Understanding the hurdles faced by small businesses and local farmers, especially in labor and production costs, Jutt is dedicated to advocating for continuous workforce development. His vision for economic progress revolves around readying the community for positive growth opportunities, ensuring that both infrastructure and workforce are primed for success. 

Commitment to Community Engagement

Community involvement is a fundamental aspect of Jutt’s campaign. He is devoted to upholding an open-door policy, ensuring he is accessible to hear the diverse ideas, concerns, and opinions of his constituents. Through collaboration and learning, Jutt is determined to make decisions that serve the best interests of the entire community. 

A Promising Path Forward

As Jutt Howard campaigns for the District 71 State House seat, he stands as a representative who deeply understands both business and agriculture. His dedication to community, economic development, and the agricultural sector positions him as a rising star in the home improvement industry and a hopeful contender for the State House. We encourage you to support Jutt Howard in his endeavor to bring about positive change and growth in District 71. Vote for Jutt Howard—NG Turf’s champion for a brighter future. 


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