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Measuring and Ordering Sod: A Comprehensive Guide  

Sod can transform your landscape, providing instant beauty and lush greenery to your outdoor space. NG Turf, a family-owned and operated sod farm in Northern Georgia, has been providing high-quality sod for generations. However, before you can enjoy the benefits of a gorgeous lawn, it’s crucial to understand how to measure sod, determine how much a pallet of sod will cover, and calculate the right amount to order for your project. In this guide, we will walk you through these important aspects of sod installation, with specific examples to help you make informed decisions. 

How to Measure for Sod

Measuring your lawn accurately is the first step in ordering the right amount of sod for your project.
Here’s how to do it:

1. Measure the Area

Start by breaking your lawn or project area into basic geometric shapes (e.g., rectangles, squares, circles). Measure each section separately using a tape measure or a long piece of string, and then measure the string’s length. Ensure your measurements are in feet for consistency. 

2. Calculate the Total Area

  • For rectangular or square areas, multiply the length by the width to find the square footage.
  • For circular areas, use the formula: πr² (where π is approximately 3.14 and r is the radius). 

For a quick and hassle-free way to calculate the total area of your lawn, NG Turf offers a convenient sod calculator tool. This user-friendly calculator allows you to enter your area measurements easily, instantly providing you with the total lawn area in square feet. It’s a valuable resource that simplifies the measurement process, ensuring you order the right amount of sod for your project

Measuring tape on top of green sod - Sod Calculator

Experience the ease of planning your sod project using our Sod Calculator. Measure with confidence and order with precision.

3. Add Up the Sections

If your lawn or project area is made up of multiple sections, add up the square footage of each section to find the total square footage. 

  • Example: Suppose you have a rectangular lawn with dimensions of 40 feet by 60 feet. To measure the area, multiply the length (40 feet) by the width (60 feet), resulting in 2,400 square feet. 

How Much Will a Pallet of Sod Cover?

Pallet sizes may vary depending on the type of sod and supplier. NG Turf sells sod in pallets that cover 504 square feet. To determine how many pallets you need, divide the total square footage of your lawn by 504. 

  • Individual Sod Piece: An individual piece of sod from NG Turf measures 16 inches by 24 inches. 

  • Pallet Coverage: A pallet of sod from NG Turf includes a generous 504 square feet of sod. This means that you can easily calculate how many pallets you need by dividing your total square footage by 504.

    • Example: If your measured area is 2,400 square feet, you would need 2,400 / 504 = 4.76 pallets of sod. In this case, you would round up to 5 pallets to ensure you have enough material to cover your lawn completely.
pallet of freshly harvested sod from NG Turf
  • Rolls of Sod: NG Turf also provides sod in mega rolls for larger projects. Each mega roll is 30 inches by 100 feet, covering a total area of 250 square feet per roll.
    *Please note that rolls of sod require special equipment for installation and are typically reserved for substantial landscaping projects.

How Much Sod to Order

When ordering sod, it’s essential to consider a few factors that might affect your order quantity, such as wastage. Wastage in the context of sod refers to the amount of sod material that is not used or is discarded during the installation process. It represents the portion of sod that goes unused or is cut off, often due to factors such as irregular shapes in the lawn, trimming around obstacles, or adjustments needed to fit the sod properly.

Several factors can contribute to wastage during sod installation:

  • Irregular Shapes: Lawns are rarely perfect rectangles or squares. They often have curves, nooks, and corners that require trimming and shaping the sod pieces to fit. This trimming process can generate wastage. 
  • Obstacles: Features like trees, flower beds, and structures can interrupt the uniformity of a sod installation. Sod pieces may need to be cut to fit around these obstacles, resulting in unused sections. 
  • Edges and Borders: Sod needs to be trimmed along the edges of the lawn to ensure a neat and tidy appearance. This can lead to additional wastage. 


New sod installed in backyard copy , showing irregular shapes of a yard, obstacles such as trees, flower beds, and playgrounds

To minimize wastage and ensure cost-effective sod installation:

  • Measure your lawn accurately and plan for irregularities. 

  • Consider ordering a little extra sod to account for potential wastage.
    * We recommend adding 5-10% more than your calculated requirement. 
    • If your project is mostly straight lines add 5%

    • If your project has angles or curves add 10% 

  • Use precise cutting and fitting techniques to minimize the amount of sod that goes unused. 

While some level of wastage is almost inevitable during sod installation, careful planning and skilled installation can help reduce it, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment in a beautiful and lush lawn.  

Successful Sod Installation

NG Turf offers high-quality sod to transform your landscape into a beautiful, lush green space. To ensure a successful sod installation, accurately measure your lawn, calculate the number of pallets required, and consider potential waste and irregularities. By following these steps you’ll be well-prepared to order the right amount of sod and create the lawn of your dreams.  


Didn’t find the answer to your question here? Contact one of our Certified Turfgrass professionals at (770) 832-8608. Or send us a message. We are happy to answer any sod related questions you may have. 

*For deliveries we have a one pallet minimum. If you pick up sod at one of our farm locations you can get any amount you need, even just a few pieces. 


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