before and after picture of dormant sod installation in newnan, georgia

Project Spotlight: Newnan Lawn Gets New Look with TifTuf Bermuda Sod

dormant tiftuf bermuda sod installation, newnan, ga

About the Project

The Hayes family resides in a prestigious Arbor Springs Plantation neighborhood. Beautiful mature trees in the community add to the serenity of the setting, but also wreak havoc on grass.

To renovate their lawn, the Hayes began with some major tree work, allowing in more sunlight, and then hired United Lawnscape to lay some fresh sod.

“It was just trees in the front before with common Bermuda that had just dissipated,” Jones said. “The homeowners had done their research, so what they did first was have a bunch of trees removed to open it up before we came in with sod.”

Meet the Landscaper


Donte Jones, Newnan Georgia Lanscaper
Donte Jones launched United Lawnscape in Newnan, Georgia as a service offering fertilizer and weed control.

The list of services expanded with the business, and today his team offers sod installation as well as maintenance, covering every aspect of lawn care.


Newnan, GA homes gets landscape renovation, fresh sod

About the Grass

Jones chose 13 pallets of TifTuf® Bermuda for the Hayes’ project. The sod was installed dormant and will green up in the spring. 

Although shade is no longer a problem in the front yard, some areas in the back still get partial shade. “We went ahead and put down the TifTuf for them because it’s a little more shade tolerant,” he explained.

This summer the homeowners will also appreciate the premium Bermuda for its impressive drought resistance. TifTuf is a specialized grass developed by the University of Georgia to maintain quality and color while using 38% less water than other Bermuda varieties.

It also stands up better to foot traffic than other Bermudas. “I’m telling you, TifTuf is crazy it’s so durable,” Jones said. “We installed it in December and it’s been raining it in. That stuff is going to do amazing.”

Why NG Turf

“I like to tell people, we use a local grower,” Jones says. “NG Turf sod is grown right here locally. It’s not coming from somewhere else and been on a truck for a long haul. It’s used to the environment and weather.”

He also passes NG Turf’s one-year warranty along to his customers as long as his team provides the maintenance for the grass. “I trust this sod. We’re getting it fresh cut here locally, and it’s top of the line.” 

NG Turf's one year warrant logo

Contact NG Turf

If you’re looking for a high performance sod for your home or business, contact our Certified Turfgrass Professionals at 770.832.8608 or


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