NG Turf Showcase Project: Shawn Martinez of Southern Landscape & Design

Southern Landscape & Design NG Turf Marvel ZoysiaProfessional: Shawn Martinez, Southern Landscape & Design

Location: Birchwood, Tennessee

Project: Large-scale residential landscape and hardscape renovation (more than 40,000 sq. ft.)

Completed: November 2017

Turf Variety: Marvel Zoysia


We were fortunate enough to spend some time talking with Shawn Martinez, owner of Southern Landscape & Design in Chattanooga about their recent (very beautiful) project in Birchwood, TN.

Q: Please tell us a little about this project.

A: This is one of the largest residential projects we have done square footage wise. The property was rough weeds when we arrived. We cleared it down to the soil, regraded the land, reconditioned the soil and installed Marvel Zoysia sod. We also added 150 walkways totaling 2,444 Sq. Ft., a massive irrigation system, and other hardscape features.

Q: Why did you choose Marvel Zoysia?

A: Marvel Zoysia is drought tolerant and shade tolerant – both important qualities in a sod for our climate and this particular property. Plus, the fine blade makes for a barefoot soft walking surface, which this homeowner will enjoy as they have a lakefront area.

Southern Landscape & Design NG Turf Marvel ZoysiaQ: Why did you choose to purchase your sod from NG Turf?

A:  The sod at NG Turf is, hands down, the best sod I have ever purchased as a professional landscaper. It is weed free and obviously has excellent care at the farm. And unlike so many other companies out there, we can use 100% of the sod on every pallet. Across the industry, we expect 10 – 15% waste per pallet due to sod condition or inconsistent cutting. But that is never the case with sod from NG Turf.

Plus, the staff in the office is phenomenal. Our rep, Meagan Ponder, truly became part of our team. She called to check how the delivery went and then called again a few days later to make sure we were satisfied with the product. She was genuinely interested in how the project was going and even asked us to send pictures so she could share our progress with the rest of her team. They go above and beyond with customer service.

Thank you, Shawn, for taking the time to talk with us! If you are in the Chattanooga area and would like to learn more about Southern Landscape & Design, you can visit them online at

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