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Professional advice and information tailored just for professional landscapers and sod installers.

Brown patches on lawn

Turf Threats

Discover common lawn threats and learn how to deal with them in order to keep your lawn at its healthiest.

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Variety Spotlight

There are many wonderful varieties of sod to choose from but selecting the variety that is just right for your project is crucial. Learn about what makes the different varieties of sod NG Turf has to offer unique. 

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Tools of the Trade

Installing sod and undertaking lawn care projects can require a vast array of tools to get the job done right. Learn what we have to say about tools to help you get the job done.

Sod Science

There is so much more to sod than what meets the eye. Learn about the breeding programs, genetics, research, and testing that goes into each variety of sod.

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Turf Talk

Find out what the professionals have to say about their latest projects. You might just learn a new trick of the trade.

Premier Projects

See the latest commercial and residential projects from some of the best professional landscapers Georgia has to offer.

Recent Articles

side by side look at TifTuf vs TifGrand certified bermuda sods
Grass Finder

TifTuf vs. TifGrand

Premium Bermuda varietals tend to be hardy turfgrasses, appreciated for their ability to thrive in Southern climates, even under heavy foot traffic. Developed more than

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person installing sod in winter
Best Practices

Installing Sod in Winter

While spring is ideal for laying turfgrass, sod can be installed in winter throughout much of the Southeast. Even dormant, warm season varieties will green

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machine aerating lawn
Best Practices

When and How to Aerate the Lawn

Often overlooked, aeration plays an important role in maintaining a healthy lawn. And this year, more than ever, our lawns could use the help. A hot, dry fall followed by a wet winter and spring have led to a patchy start for many warm-season grasses. If your lawn is struggling to green up, it may be time to aerate.

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Brown patches on lawn

What Causes Brown Patches on Lawns?

Your grass was beautiful all summer long, but once the mercury began to fall, brown patches appeared on your lawn. It’s a common story. Environmental conditions such as dense shade, poor drainage, poor airflow and overwatering can invite disease like brown patch, large patch or dollar spot any time of year. But even the best kept lawns in our area are susceptible to fungal attack in the fall and spring, when the temperatures tend to be moderate and moisture levels higher.

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Growing Grass in All Soil Types
Best Practices

Growing Grass in All Soil Types

Soil can be friend or foe to your lawn, either encouraging or hampering grass health. You can do everything right at the surface—watering, mowing, fertilizing—but the soil underneath could be thwarting your efforts. Fall is a good time to learn more about your yard’s soil and how it may be affecting your lawn’s health.

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