New Sod Installation, fornt yard, Lake Lanier GA

Project Spotlight: Lovely Lake Lanier Redo

About the Project

JW Land Management added value to a beautiful home on Lake Lanier in Gainesville, Georgia with farm fresh sod from NG Turf. The expanse of lush green grass helps highlight the rock and stone features, the mulched plantings and, of course, the tranquil blue water, adding instant curb appeal.

new sod at Lake Lanier Georgia

About the Grass

new sod install, Lake Lanier Georgia

The landscaping crew installed certified TifGrand Bermudagrass, which offers a darker green color than other Bermuda varieties. The premium grass will perform well in this mostly sunny yard.

Once it matures, TifGrand requires less nitrogen fertilizer to maintain its rich color, which will save the homeowners time and money. And if they prefer a closely manicured look, a mature TifGrand lawn can tolerate mowing below half an inch, although it thrives best at a half to one inch.

New Grass Tips

Although new sod becomes established after two to three weeks when the roots begin to take hold, full maturity won’t happen until an entire year passes. Follow these tips for the first year to ensure the success of a new lawn.

  • Water Regularly

    New grass needs more water than mature grass. Water once or twice a day, depending on weather conditions for the first couple weeks, even if the grass variety is drought resistant.

    Once the grass is established, water half an inch twice per week, but keep an eye on it. If your grass looks stressed with curling leaves or lighter color, give it extra water. If a week is particularly dry, hot or windy, watering three or four times per week rather than twice may be in order during a lawn’s first year.

    For more irrigation details, visit our Lawn Watering Guide.

  • Wait to Fertilize

    It may be tempting to feed your new lawn, but fertilizing too soon can burn new shoots and tender roots. We suggest blending a fertilizer into the soil prior to installation. Otherwise, wait to fertilize for a full year to allow the grass to reach maturity.

  • Hold Off on Weed Control

    Herbicides can interfere with root development in new lawns, so be patient. Wait a full season until your lawn matures, then apply a pre-emergent herbicide each spring and fall to control common weeds.  

one year NG Turf sod warranty seal

You can learn more about new lawn care on our blog, and as always, our Certified Turfgrass Professionals are happy to answer questions. Reach them at 770.832.8608 or


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