TifTuf Bermudagrass on the fairway at Old Barnwell Golf Course in Aiken South Carolina

Project Spotlight:  Old Barnwell Golf Course Transformed with TifTuf Bermuda 

NG Turf is thrilled to partner with Old Barnwell in Aiken, South Carolina, to provide a one-of-a-kind golfing experience to members, the public, youth programs, and professional golfers alike. This substantial project, which has been in motion since 2022, is shaping up to be a marvel of golf course design and execution, with the superior quality of NG Turf’s TifTuf Bermuda taking center stage. 

The Collaboration

The team at Old Barnwell has collaborated with renowned golf course architects Brian Schneider and Blake Conant. Together, they’re crafting an incredible golf course that merges the natural beauty of Aiken with modern, sophisticated golf architecture.

NG Turf, known for its premium turfgrass varieties, has been called upon to deliver its premium TifTuf Bermuda for the fairways of Old Barnwell. The synergy between the masterful design and the high-quality sod is set to create an outstanding golfing environment. 

TifTuf Bermuda sod rolls delivered to Old Barnwell Golf Course in Aiken, SC

The Choice of TifTuf Bermuda

NG Turf’s TifTuf Bermuda was chosen for its superior qualities that make it ideal for golf courses. This variety is renowned for its exceptional drought tolerance, meaning it requires less watering, making it a sustainable choice. Additionally, its dense, fine texture is not only aesthetically pleasing but also provides a smooth, firm surface for golf balls to glide over. 

one year NG Turf sod warranty seal

Continuing Commitment to Quality

NG Turf’s involvement doesn’t end with the delivery of the sod. The company prides itself on offering farm-fresh sod and continues to work closely with the Old Barnwell team to ensure the turfgrass is healthy and thriving. This commitment to quality ensures that the golf course maintains its pristine conditions, offering golfers an exceptional experience every time they step onto the fairway. 

A New Golfing Experience in Aiken, SC

The Old Barnwell golf course promises a new era of golfing in Aiken, SC. With the collaborative efforts of NG Turf, Brian Schneider, and Blake Conant, the golf course is set to be a premier destination for golfers of all levels. 

Old Barnwell plan

The project’s emphasis on fostering a space for members, public, youth programs, and professional golfers reflects a commitment to inclusivity and the growth of golf as a sport. It’s an exciting time for golf enthusiasts in Aiken and beyond, and NG Turf is proud to be part of this transformative venture. 

As the project continues, NG Turf eagerly anticipates the completion of the Old Barnwell golf course. We are confident that the quality and resilience of our TifTuf Bermuda will contribute significantly to the course’s success, creating a golfing experience that’s nothing short of extraordinary. 

Stay tuned for more updates on this exceptional project as we continue to transform the landscape of golf in Aiken, SC. 


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