Georgia County Extension List

Looking for your County Extension Agent or a UGA Turfgrass Member? Find phone numbers and emails here.

UGA Lawn Calendars (all)

UGA’s lawn calendars for each variety of turfgrass: bermuda, zoysia, and fescue


Important Armyworm information

Watering Guide

Essentials of watering: how to, how much and when

Installation Guide

Step-By-Step Site Preparation

Soil Prep Guide

Step-By-Step Site Preparation

Installation of Dormant Sod

Find out how to install dormant sod. Written by Dr. Clint Waltz, UGA Turfgrass Extension.

How to Grow Shrubs & Trees, Container plants and more…

How to grow shrubs, trees, container plants and have beautiful flower beds with Pro’s Choice Products.

How to Install a Drainage Trench

Use Pro’s Choice products to fill your drainage trench.

Turfgrass Weed Control for Homeowners

A herbicide guide for homeowners from Dr. Tim Murphy, UGA Weed Extension Scientist.

New TifGrand Study
at Clemson University

Two year study of shade tolerance on 42 varieties of Bermudagrass proves that TifGrand had better quality in continuous sun and a better root system than other varieties.

Turfgrass Industry Facts in Georgia

Benefits of Turfgrass in Georgia and the Southeast. Great for homeowners, professionals and golf course professionals.