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Save BIG on Irrigation Costs with TifTuf™ Bermuda

There are few things that are as welcoming or attractive as a lovely green lawn. But irrigation for that healthy, green grass during our hot southern summers can empty a lot of “green” from your wallet!

Luckily, you can slash your irrigation costs by an estimated 38% by installing TifTuf™ Bermudagrass sod from NG Turf.

Newest Variety of Bermudagrass

TifTuf™ is the newest variety of Bermudagrass developed by the world renowned turfgrass laboratories at the University of Georgia Tifton campus. Based on over 2 decades of testing, TifTuf™ has proven itself to be the most sustainable and drought hardy turfgrass available today.

Aaron McWhorter, President of NG Turf, explains, “Initially, researchers thought TifTuf’s excellent performance under drought conditions was due to a deeper root system, but further studies showed that it actually requires less water to thrive – an impressive 38% less than the current industry-standard Bermudagrass. What an incredible benefit to us here in the south with our frequent hot, dry summers.”

Let’s take a closer look at what that means to irrigation costs:

  • It takes 0.623 gallons of water to provide 1 inch of water to 1 square foot of turf
  • If your lawn is a modest 100 ft x 75 ft, that’s 4672.5 gallons per 1-inch watering
  • If you water just once a week over the warmest months (May through September), that’s 23 waterings, totaling a whopping 107,467.5 gallons of water
  • If you are on city water, you’re probably averaging about $7.50 per 1,000 gallons – depending on how your municipality bills for water and sewer
  • Those 107,476.5 gallons will cost you right at $806 every summer.

But, if you have TifTuf™ Bermuda instead:

  • The same square footage of lawn will only need 3,177.3 gallons per watering
  • That reduces your summer irrigation needs down to 73,078 gallons
  • And your annual summer irrigation cost down to $548.10 per summer

TifTuf™ Certified Bermuda saves you BIG

In other words, over the course of 10 years, TifTuf™ will save you about $2,580 just in watering costs alone!

But that’s not all. TifTuf™ not only uses less water, it also survives drought better and has excellent natural resistance to disease and insects. So, you’ll have lower costs associated with annual maintenance and repair, too.

“Replacing your existing lawn with TifTuf™ is worth the investment just for the positive environmental impact it has on water consumption,” Mr. McWhorter adds. “The very attractive cost savings on its annual care and maintenance is like icing on the cake.”

TifTuf™ Certified Bermuda Available Year Round

TifTuf™ Certified Bermuda sod is available year round at NG Turf and delivered farm-fresh right to your door! Call (770) 832-8608 or contact us to request a quote.

(Editor’s Note: We used this handy online irrigation cost calculator to estimate the cost savings of TifTuf.)


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