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Sod Calculator

Not sure how much sod you need? Yard shapes vary – Triangle/ Rectangle/ Square/ Circle.
Enter the area measurements into the NG Turf Area Calculator to find out the total lawn area (square feet).

Select a Shape:


Square or Rectangle


Triangle (that includes a right or 90' angle)

*Measure the length of the two sides that meet at the right angle

Area: Square Feet

How Do I Calculate How Much Sod I Need? 

To calculate how much sod you need for your next landscaping project, first you need to know how big the area is that you want to cover. 

Rectangular Space

To find the area of a rectangular space, measure the length and width of the space to be sodded in feet. Plug those numbers into the handy-dandy sod area calculator above. Or multiple the length by the width to obtain the square footage.

Circular Space
If the space you are looking to sod is circular measure the diameter, the longest possible section, of the circle in feet. Plug that number into the sod calculator above.

Triangular Space (that includes a right or 90 degree angle)
If you have a triangular space, measure the length of the two sides of the space that meet at a right angle. Plug in the length of side one and side two into the sod calculator. 

Irregular Shaped Spaces

Irregular shapes are common in landscaping. Often landscape designers attempt to break up straight lines, giving the lawn a more natural appearance.  The area of an irregularly shaped lawn can be difficult to measure.

If you have an irregularly shaped area: measure the space in smaller, rectangular shaped areas

  • Add the lengths together
  • Add the widths together
  • Enter the totals into the sod calculator to find the total square footage of your space

**Add 5-10% to the suggested sod minimum to allow for cutting and waste.
            *If your project is mostly straight lines add 5%
            *If your project has angles or curves add 10%

Ready to Order?
Once you have all of your measurements, give NG Turf a call to purchase farm fresh sod and have it conveniently delivered straight to your desired location or choose the self pick-up option. 

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Sod Calculator

How much sod do I need?  Use our custom sod calculator to find out.

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