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How much does a pallet of sod cost?

The cost of a pallet of sod depends on many factors. Are you purchasing a basic grass variety or a high performance variety? Is the sod GCIA certified? Is delivery included? What about a warranty? All these considerations affect the cost of sod, and even more important, they affect the ultimate success of your lawn.

Variety Matters

While varieties like Bermuda and zoysia are recognizable to many homeowners, fewer people are familiar with more specific names like Zeon® zoysia or TifTuf™ Bermuda. Registered and trademarked names like these represent years of research and development to cultivate premium varieties of high performance grass.

TifTuf Bermuda vs Zeon Zoysia sod, explanation of sod price differences

Using our two examples, Zeon zoysia offers significantly higher shade tolerance, disease resistance and traffic tolerance than other zoysia varieties.

TifTuf provides superior drought resistance compared to other Bermudas, maintaining quality and color while using 38% less water than other varieties. It also boasts higher traffic tolerance, quicker recovery time, and higher disease resistance.

It’s easy to imagine why these and other premium grass varieties carry a larger price tag and why they are worth the investment. High quality lawns start with high performance sod.

GCIA Certified Sod

There are no laws to protect consumers who buy sod, so how can you be sure you’re getting your money’s worth? Certification offers the only quality control in the industry.

A Georgia Crop Improvement Association (GCIA) “Blue Tag” Turfgrass Certificate indicates the highest quality sod available, guarding against contamination from weeds, pests and disease.

It also ensures a uniform grass variety that exhibits promised performance characteristics.

A wide range of Blue Tag Certified varieties allows you to find the right premium quality, high performance grass for the conditions in your particular yard.

blue tag certified sod certificate that goes with a certified green sodded lawn

Customer Service

The cost of premium sod often covers more than just the plants. It should also include stellar customer service. A premium sod supplier will deliver right to your project site, free within a several mile radius of the farm. If you buy cheaper sod, however, ask about hidden costs like delivery or forklift fees.

And what if you have questions about installation or maintenance? Purchasing premium sod from a trusted supplier like NG Turf gives you access to experts who are happy to share a wealth of resources, including how-to guides, blog posts and other pertinent information that will help you keep your lawn healthy.

one year warranty on NG Turf farm fresh sod

Sod Warranty

When you buy an appliance for your home, the price usually includes a warranty—not always true for grass. When you shop, check to see if the cost of the sod includes any kind of guarantee. Premium sod from NG Turf, for example, includes a One Year Warranty, helping ensure your lawn gets off to a successful and beautiful start.

If you’re in the market for sod, give our Certified Turfgrass Professionals a call at 770.832.8608 or email to


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