Amanda Brecher, certified turfgrass professional at NG Turf

Team Spotlight: Amanda Becher

Amanda Becher, Sales Representative
Amanda recently completed a program from the University of Georgia in partnership with the National Association of Landscape Professionals to become a Certified Turfgrass Professional. Like several other certified members on our team, she is a valuable resource for information on turfgrass establishment, growth, maintenance and troubleshooting. In May we introduced you to Jutt Howard. Now, meet our sales representative and Certified Turfgrass Professional, Amanda Becher.

Q: How did you get started at NG Turf?
A: I moved to Georgia and in March of 2017 I started with NG Turf. I have the least green thumb ever, but Aaron [NG Turf’s founder] says I have the “gift of gab”. I’ve always had customer service jobs, and I like helping people. Over email, over the phone, when they walk in, it doesn’t matter. As long as I can help them and they’re happy, we’re good.

Q: So you learned about grass on the job?
A: Yes, it was very, very new for me, but everyone at NG Turf is so helpful. We have a greenhouse here at the farm, so even in wintertime we always have samples of grass where you can learn about the different types and actually go out there and see and touch it. And if you’ve got a question, we’ve got someone here who can answer it.

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Q: Why did you decide to become a Certified Turfgrass Professional?
After working here for about four months, sales were going well and the customers were really nice. I decided it would be beneficial and give me a better understanding of the product. When you work at a place like NG Turf, you learn to sell the product very well, but the certification takes it ten steps further.

Q: What did you learn during the certification process?
A: It takes you all the way back to biology 101. You learn about the root system, the stem, the blade of the grass, the full anatomy of the plant. You learn about the diseases that can happen, what they look like, why they happen, and how to fix them. You also learn about the different chemicals and what they do to the plants.

Q: Did you take time off from work to study for the certification?
 No, they give you a textbook to follow with study questions and exams, and you work at your own pace after work and on weekends. It usually takes a year, but when I got pregnant, they gave me an extension, so I took 18 months

Q: Has all that information helped you and your customers?
Up until I got certified, I was just selling the grass, but at least half of the phone calls we get are questions about maintenance, “what do I do if” questions, “why is this weed showing up” questions. Now if someone calls and says, “My grass is turning this black color, what do I do?” I can answer their questions.

To get your questions answered by Amanda or one of our other Certified Turfgrass Professionals, give us a call at 770.832.8608 or email


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