When I called other sod farms for zoysia on my mother-in-law’s grave, I was told they couldn’t sell such a small quantity or it was too late in the year. Your sales rep Kayla told me about beautiful Zeon Zoysia, how it suited my needs, and where to locate a provider. A couple of days later when the GPS broke and I was on the road, I called several times, trying to find my way to your farm. Helpful, patient, and concerned, she guided me in and then escorted me to actually pick out the few pieces I needed. Just like she said, it was beautiful; so lush and green, it felt like pet fur! I hadn’t asked about the price, I had been so frustrated and desperate to have the grave nice for her remaining sister’s visit. Then the final blessing, she said such a small amount, for a memorial, there wouldn’t be a charge. I still feel the tears of appreciation for such an unexpected and compassionate gift. I won’t buy from anyone else now, and will highly recommend your farm and product’s.