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What Makes NG Turf Different?

NG Turf is a family owned and operated sod farm located in north Georgia with more than 35 years of experience in the turfgrass industry. NG Turf has become a name that is synonymous with quality and value providing turfgrasses to homeownerslandscape professionalsgolf courses, municipalities, and athletic fields. 

The NG Turf Difference

There are many reasons NG Turf has gained such a respectable reputation that sets us apart from our competition. We like to call these reasons The NG Turf Difference.

Customer Service:

NG Turf founder and CEO, Aaron McWhorter says “The NG Turf Difference we think, is our relationship with the customer and how we approach each customer service experience.”  

Aaron McWhorter, NG Turf Founder and CEO

The entire NG Turf team is focused on total customer satisfaction, from the advice given on the initial phone call to the quality of sod harvested in the field.  Getting fresh, premium sod loaded on the truck in a timely manner, delivered efficiently, and placed in a location that is convenient for the customer is our top priority.


We believe in putting the customer first – and that means being available to the customer as much as possible, including Saturday and Monday morning deliveries.

Not sure what type of grass you need? No problem! NG Turf encourages small businesses, landscapers, and homeowners to visit the farm and take a look (and maybe even a feel) at the different types of grasses firsthand. NG Turf also provides informational resources to help guide the sod selection decision. 

El Toro Zoysia hand


Often a customer may run one or two pallets short, or may need to add a pallet to an order. Many of our sod farms are close to the Atlanta market and the landscaper or homeowner can run out to the farm and grab a pallet to finish their project. NG Turf’s ability to adapt and fix those problems make us a key partner to small business owners.

100% Satisfaction Goal

NG Turf sod farm, sod roll

NG Turf believes in and stands behind every product sold.  We may not have 100% perfect conditions all the time, but if there is an issue, we are going to fix it. Delivering a quality product in a timely manner means doing whatever it takes to make the customer 100% satisfied.

Our Varieties:

NG Turf grows nearly all patented varieties that have been developed in the last 20 years. It is very common that sod farmers will use grasses that were developed in the 1940’s and 50’s. NG Turf is using a better variety of grass to begin with.

Certified Sod Varieties

Most of the sod sold at NG Turf are certified varieties, which means that when purchased the customer will get a blue tag certificate. Certification means that the grass has been inspected 3 times/year. Jutt Howard, NG Turf’s VP of Business Operations, equates it to AKC registration in dogs, stating that it all boils down to genetic purity and consistent coloring in terms of grass.

blue tag certified sod


NG Turf grows 12+ different sod varieties. Why? Because we are trying to supply customers with exactly what they need, and make sure they have the right variety for the right application. The amount of sunlight or shade an area receives, the amount of traffic, and maintenance requirements are all important considerations that need to be addressed when selecting the right sod variety. Whether the project be a golf course, sports field, home lawn, or a commercial application, NG Turf’s goal is to supply whatever it is the customer may need.


NG Turf’s one year sod warranty really sets us apart from our competition. For 12 months after the date of purchase, NG Turf will provide replacement grass and a personal visit from one of our turfgrass professionals at no cost.

When NG Turf provides a one year warranty we are providing a comfort level for the customer. No matter what time of year the sod is installed it will perform satisfactorily for the customer and we guarantee it.

More Than Just a Sod Supplier

NG Turf is more than just a sod supplier, we aim to be your trusted partner. We are there for our customers through every part of the sod journey.  From the initial phone call all the way to 100% satisfaction with the quality of our sod.

Have questions? We would be happy to assist. Give one of our Certified Turf Professionals a call at 770-832-8608 today. We look forward to it.

NG Turf family, Merett and Mark

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