TifSport Bermuda has a superior cold hardiness and a slightly finer leaf texture than Tifway. TifSport is a high density turf with extremely high tensile strength and can recover quickly from injury. In addition to great drought tolerance and pest resistance, TifSport can handle a wide range of mowing heights exceedingly well. TifSport is grown year-round at NG Turf and can be installed as dormant sod during the winter months.


• DROUGHT tolerant
• HIGH traffic tolerance
• COLD hardy
• RECOVERS quickly from injury
• FINE leaf blade
• DARK green color
• RECOMMENDED mowing height ½” – 1½”, raise ½” in early fall


• SOIL TEST recommended; PH 5.5-6.5
• WARM season; dormant in winter
• HIGH fertility
• Full SUN
• OVERSEEDING with careful managements