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One Year Sod Warranty

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Product Quality

We promise that all turfgrass sod and sprigs will be in sound, live condition upon delivery. All varieties certified by the Georgia Crop Improvement Association will be true to the named variety. If you are not 100% satisfied with any portion of the materials with delivered, will replace them at no additional cost. However, your signature upon delivery signifies approval of the shipment and acknowledges the acceptable condition of the materials delivered. Please remember, sod is a perishable material and should be installed immediately. We cannot guarantee the suitability, survival or performance of your turfgrass product after acceptance of delivery, unless you comply with our installation and watering guidelines.

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Spring Green Up

Warm season turfgrass (Bermuda and Zoysia) delivered while dormant in the fall or winter is guaranteed to “green up” the following spring, assuming proper installation and winter care.*

*During dormancy, water management is critical. Dormant sod needs enough water to keep the upper one to two inches of the soil profile moist. Most winters in our climate provide adequate natural rainfall, however, occasional dry periods can occur. Wind, low humidity and freezing temperatures can further dry the soil, and the resulting damage to the sod could be severe. The month of March is often warm and dry, presenting a high risk of damage to dormant sod. Please refer to “Installing Dormant Sod” found in the resources section.

Should your turf not green up by June 30, or should too little sod survive the winter to generate acceptable turf quality, we will supply the sod requested for necessary repairs, not to exceed the quantity of the original order. Please note, NG Turf does not and will not provide any labor or labor costs to remove unsuitable sod or to reinstall new sod.

blue shield with green check mark sod warranty concept

One Year Warranty

In addition to our Spring Green up guarantee, we offer a 12 month product replacement warranty for sod installed anytime of the year. Within 12 months of purchase should you find our sod not meeting your expectations please do not hesitate to contact us. We will work with you over the phone or send out a Certified Turfgrass Professional to help determine the cause and offer solutions. If the sod does not improve to your satisfaction we will provide replacement products at no cost. NG Turf does not and will not provide any labor or labor cost to remove unsuitable sod or to reinstall new sod.*

Warranty Not Valid on Cool Season Grasses

Fescue and Bluegrasses are a cool season grasses** and sensitive to extreme heat. If you choose to purchase one of these grasses, we will make every effort to assure sod success, including same day harvest and delivery of sod during summer months. However, please note, the one year warranty is not valid for these varieties.

*All sales are final. No credits or refunds will be issued. NG Turf One Year Sod Warranty terms apply to initial sod purchase only and are not applicable to any replacement sod.
**Due to the risk of planting cool season grasses in the transition zone, these varieties are not covered by our One Year Warranty.

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One Year Warranty

Enjoy the peace of protection with the NG Turf One Year Warranty.
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