what to do during delayed sod installation

What to do During a Delayed Sod Installation

Sod is a perishable product.
Immediate installation after delivery is highly recommended for best results. 

** Note: Fescue varieties cannot under any circumstance tolerate delayed installation.
Fescue will stress and not recover. 

You are excited to get a fresh new lawn, the soil has been prepped, and the sod has been delivered, but something comes up and installation must be postponed. What should you do? 

It is important to understand that sod is a perishable product, and we highly recommend installation immediately after delivery for the best results. But we understand that sometimes life happens, and a delayed installation can’t be avoided. 

Installation can be delayed by a day if absolutely necessary. Although sod cannot be stored for prolonged periods of time, there are steps you can take to ensure your sod survives until installation is possible.  

Steps to Encourage Sod Survival When Installation is Delayed

1. Location

Sod is often placed in the most convenient location for installation, such as on a driveway or along a sidewalk. This is a problem if the location is exposed to direct sunlight while the sod is being stored. Concrete or asphalt combined with direct sunlight will dry out the sod very quickly. Move sod to a shaded location. If your yard does not have any natural shade, consider setting up some temporary shade, such as a tent or canopy.

2. Procedure

If able, unstack sod slabs from the pallet, lay flat and unstacked on the ground, and water. The sod can be laid on bare ground or on a tarp as long as it is watered until installation. Please note that sod will discolor within 24 hours of harvest but can recover if it receives proper water and care.  

3. Moisture

Moisture management is extremely important and requires a delicate balance. Sod will die if it dries out but will rot if it becomes too moist. The key is to provide just enough moisture to allow the roots to stay moist, but not so much that water is dripping out of the sod. During hot weather, you may need to lightly mist the sod with water every few hours. Feel the sod to judge moisture. It should feel like a sponge that has been wrung out.

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Aaron McWhorter, NG Turf Founder and CEO

The NG Turf Difference

At NG Turf we make every effort to harvest our sod orders the same day they are to be delivered to provide the freshest sod possible. Getting fresh, premium sod loaded on the truck in a timely manner, delivered efficiently, and placed in a location that is convenient for the customer is our top priority.  

We take delivery scheduling very seriously, and our entire team is focused on total customer satisfaction. If a complication arises, don’t hesitate to contact the NG Turf team, we will work with you to find the best solution for your specific situation.  

Please Note: NG Turf’s one year warranty is void if sod is not installed the same day it is delivered.


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